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Congratulations to the winners of ODTUG’s first annual GeekAThon competition! Click the button below to view the winners.

In case you missed it, Kscope16 piloted a new beacon technology to reduce labor costs and create important analytics for future conferences. Each attendee received a beacon attached to the back of their badge, and ODTUG used this new technology to count session and conference attendance as well as identify exhibit hall hot spots throughout the week. These beacons used a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that sent signals to receivers located in the session rooms and exhibit hall.

Because we are a community of brilliant geeks who love to share knowledge and compete for glory, we have decided to repurpose these beacons through a new challenge: ODTUG's first annual GeekAThon!



  1. Each team must come up with a problem that is being solved by the solution. The problem can be anything - personal, business, environmental, etc.
  2. Each solution must incorporate at least one Kscope16 beacon. If the contestant does not have a Kscope16 beacon, one total beacon may be provided to each individual contestant/team by ODTUG. These will be mailed out as soon as the registration is received and indicates that a beacon is needed.
  3. Each solution must incorporate the Kscope16 beacon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal in a meaningful way.
  4. The top three solution winners will receive a prize. One prize per place will be awarded. There shall be no ties. Judging will be based on a weighted points system that will be announced once it’s finalized.
  5. The solution does not have to incorporate any type of Oracle technology. However, discretionary points shall be awarded by the judges for unique and innovative solutions.
  6. Nothing additional will be supplied for the solution by ODTUG, but contestants can choose to incorporate any other component of their wish. (Please do not harm any humans or animals in this process. :) )


The sum total final "submission" includes:
  1. 1 registration form (listing all team members, each team member’s associated company and email address, and an initial idea) submitted by August 15, 2016, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time by a member of ODTUG (free or paid) who is at least 18 years of age.
  2. 1 video entry uploaded to the designated website by September 23, 2016, 11:59 PM Pacific Time (details listed below).
  3. 1 solution document uploaded to the designated website by September 23, 2016, 11:59 PM Pacific Time that details the team members, problem, solution, all code used, and steps to reproduce the solution.


  • To participate, contestants do not have to have been an attendee of Kscope16.
  • Submission must be solely owned by the submitter or submission team - not the submitter's company or corporation.
  • ODTUG and third-party affiliates have the right to make the submission video and document available for download to the public at large. ODTUG has the permission to release all team member names.
  • Any third-party artwork or code used must be declared and have an appropriate license.
  • ODTUG holds no legal responsibility for the distribution or use of this submission.
  • Entries must be submitted by Friday, September 23, 2016, 11:59 PM Pacific Time. The online location for upload will be revealed to all registered contestants. The video entry and solution document will be considered the final submission.
  • Contestants may only be part of one single submission, either as a team or as an individual.
  • If multiple people work on the final solution, only one person can be the primary person for the prize.
  • Teams can have any number of people on them. Pets may also be team members. Each team must have at least one free or paid ODTUG member actively participating and may include folks from any walk of life (including kids, people outside of our industry, Oracle employees, non-Oracle folks, etc.) .
  • Judges cannot both judge and be a contestant. Oracle employees may not serve on the Judges panel.
  • Teams are allowed to change throughout the build process. Non-registered folks may join a registered team/individual after the registration period. Registered teams may condense to a single individual contestant. Registered individuals may expand to become teams.
  • The initial solution idea mentioned on the registration form is allowed to change throughout the contest period. The first idea that you register with does not have to be the final solution.

Beacon Tips

  • Watch this Beacon 101 video on YouTube.
  • The beacon is manufactured by Minew and is the Sticker iBeacon i6 model:
    • It is based on the Nordic nRF51822 chipset.
    • It uses the CR2016 battery and is replaceable.
    • You can find out more information about the Beacon here.
  • Our vendor has the manufacturer change the firmware settings prior to shipment. Therefore, some of the standard beacon model properties may be different.
  • Beacons from Kscope16 may have already depleted their battery from their high beacon frequency. Verify that your beacon is still powered using an iBeacon scanner available on your mobile device. If you need to replace the beacon battery, this model uses a CR2016 battery and has an expected life of one to four weeks.


  • Creativity, innovation, and purpose (30 points)
    • Story, usefulness, and creativity
  • Documentation (70 points)
    • Diagram/code/schematics of all components used
    • Instructions for re-creating solution
    • Video summary of solution
  • Judges' Discretion (up to 20 points)

Important Dates

Registrations Open

August 1, 2016

Registrations Close

August 15, 2016

Submissions Close

September 23, 2016

Winners Announced!

TBD - Stay tuned!


Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman
Sam Hetchler
Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association
Jake Turrell
Turrell Consulting
Adrian Png
Danny Bryant
Accenture Enkitec Group


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