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Submissions Close Date has changed!

You now have until Monday November 02, 2015 to submit your game.

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is introducing

the first worldwide Oracle APEX Gaming Competition

ODTUG proudly invites you to participate in this brand new #orclapex community movement.

APEX is known as an outstanding transactional application builder, but what if it could do more?


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  • Building the game

  • 01 - Any kind of web-based game is allowed to build. 
  • 02 - It can be text-based or graphical. 
  • 03 - It can be desktop, mobile or both. 
  • 04 - The Oracle database must be used to store the game's meta data. 
  • 05 - APEX must be used as the GUI (Graphical User Interface). 


  • Legalities

  • 01 - Submission must be solely owned by the submitter - not the submitter's company or corporation. 
  • 02 - ODTUG and 3rd party affiliates have the right to make the submission available for download to the public at large. 
  • 03 - Code will be released to the public as open source code under the MIT license. 
  • 04 - Any third-party artwork or code used must be declared and have an appropriate license. 
  • 05 - ODTUG holds no legal responsibility for the distribution or use of this submission. 
  • 06 - Entries must be submitted by Monday October 09, 2015. 
  • 07 - Entrants may submit multiple submissions (each will be considered on its own). 
  • 08 - If multiple people work on the game, only one person can be the primary person for prizes, etc. 
  • 09 - Entrants can't simply embed an existing game into an APEX page. 
  • 10 - The codebase of an existing game can be used as long as it's modified to feel native in the APEX environment and that it's tied to the Oracle Database. 

Important Dates

Submissions Open

Monday June 22, 2015

Submissions Close

Monday November 02, 2015


Monday November 23, 2015



  • Guidelines

  • 01 - The submission will be tested in APEX 5.0. 
  • 02 - Installation instructions should be provided along with the submission. 
  • 03 - If the submission runs on a particular browser, the documentation should specify that. 
  • 04 - All instructions must be submitted in English. 
  • 05 - The submission needs to be a zip file containing all the necessary files. 
  • 06 - The submission should be sumbitted throught the upload utility below. 
  • 07 - In need of updating your submission, simply re-upload another version with a comment. Entrants with multiple submissions will be analysed by the team. 

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Joel is the Director of Software Development for Oracle Application Express.
Judge2 img
Dan is an Oracle Developer Advocate with a passion for JavaScript and HTML5.
Judge3 img
Vincent is a developer at Insum Solutions. He also is the organizer of this competition.


Grand Prize

A Microsoft Surface 3 or iPad mini 3
& a Google Chromecast
& a one-year ODTUG Full Membership

Second Prize

A GoPro Camera
& a Google Chromecast
& a one-year ODTUG Full Membership

Third Prize

A Google Chromecast
& a one-year ODTUG Full Membership